Drive for Priva

Professional drivers love driving for Priva. Fill your schedule with long distance, easy highway miles -- keeping your vehicle productive, and reducing expensive downtime. Plus trips are typically scheduled more than two days in advance, providing plenty of notice to accommodate your own schedule. 

Driving Requirements

Priva works with professional drivers that meet the following requirements

1. Commercial Insurance: Drivers must maintain commercial insurance suitable to provide chauffeur services

2. Pass a Background Check: Priva conducts background checks on all drivers. 

3. A Premium SUV: Drivers may drive their own vehicle with Priva. See if your vehicle is a qualifying model here.

4. 4G WiFi: Drivers must have 4G WiFi enabled in their vehicle.


Sign up

Interested in becoming a Priva Driver??   Please fill out the "Contact Us" section on our homepage and ask for information on driving. We will follow up as soon as possible.