Conditions of Carriage


The following Conditions of Carriage constitute the contract between you, the passenger, and Priva Mobility, Inc. ("Priva") and apply to all transportation provided by Priva between points in the United States.



The definitions below are provided for clarity and apply to all transportation services provided by Priva:


Baggage -- Reasonable articles, effects and other personal property of a Passenger. 

Departure Time -- The time requested by the Passenger to begin their Trip.

Passenger(s) -- Individual(s) requesting transportation from and/or riding with Priva.

Reservation -- A trip(s) scheduled with and confirmed by Priva for a future date.

Trip -- The event of transporting the Passenger(s) from their Pick-up Location(s) to Final Destination.  A trip begins once a driver has been dispatched to the Pick-up Location and ends once the passenger(s) reach their Final Destination.

Pick-up Location(s) -- The location(s) where the driver picks-up any passenger.

Stop(s): any intermediate pick-up(s), drop off(s) or destination(s) on route to the Final Destination

Drop-off Location(s) -- The location(s) where the driver drops-off any passenger.

Final Destination -- The location where the driver drops off the final passenger.


Application of Contract

The rules herein are applicable to transportation of Passengers and Baggage provided by Priva.  These rules constitute the Conditions of Carriage upon which Priva agrees to provide domestic carriage and are expressly agreed to by the Passenger.  These Conditions of Carriage are subject to the following stipulations:


  1. These Conditions of Carriage are subject to applicable laws, regulations, rules and security directives imposed by governmental agencies, included but not limited to those imposed during or as a result of a national emergency, war, civil unrest, or terrorist activities.  In the event of a conflict between the rules contained herein and such government laws, regulations, rules, security directives and their corresponding effects on Priva’s operation, the latter shall prevail.

  2. Transportation is subject to the Conditions of Carriage and Charges in effect on the date on which the reservation was made.

  3. No employee or agent of Priva has the authority to alter, modify or waive any fare rules or any provision of the Conditions of Carriage unless authorized by a corporate officer of Priva. 

  4. Unless specifically stated otherwise herein or where any limitation would expressly violate any applicable law, Priva shall not be liable for any consequential, compensatory, indirect, incidental or punitive damages arising out of or in connection with the performance of its obligations under these rules. 

  5. Priva’s obligations hereunder extend only to Passengers.  There are no third-party beneficiaries to these rules. 

  6. Except where provided otherwise by law, Priva’s Conditions of Carriage, rules, and tariffs are subject to change without notice, provided that no such change shall apply to Reservations scheduled prior to the effective date of such change.

  7. If Priva makes arrangements for Passengers with, or issues a voucher for payment to, any third party to provide any services other than carriage by private black car service, the terms and conditions of the third-party service provider will apply. 


Making Reservations

All reservation requests must be submitted via Priva’s Site or Application, as defined in Priva’s Terms of Service, and must include valid credit/debit card information. The only exception is reservation requests originating less than 48 hours prior to the desired departure, which must be placed over the phone. A Reservation for a vehicle is valid when the availability and allocation of such vehicle is confirmed by Priva in writing. 



While our mission is to provide sustainable and comfortable transportation to our customers, it is occasionally necessary to cancel reservations or trips.  All cancellations initiated by Priva are subject to the following rules: 


  1. Priva has the right to cancel Reservations of any passenger whenever such action is necessary to comply with any governmental regulation, upon any governmental request, or whenever such action is necessary or advisable by reason of a force majeure event.

  2. Priva has the right to cancel Reservations due to the passenger’s failure to comply with the rules set forth herein.

  3. Priva has the right to cancel the Trip of any Passenger who fails to present himself/herself within 60 minutes of the scheduled departure time and fails to notify Priva, or their Driver, of any necessary adjustments to their departure time.  In this instance, Priva reserves the right to assess a cancellation fee.

  4. Priva reserves the right to cancel any Reservation or trip without notice which it deems fraudulent, abusive, illogical, fictitious, which are reserved with no intention of traveling, or for which the passenger makes a misrepresentation.

  5. Priva is not liable for any consequential, compensatory, or other damages when it cancels Reservations or Trips of any Passenger in accordance with this Contract of Carriage.  Furthermore, Priva is not liable for any consequential, compensatory, or other damages when a Passenger cancels his/her own Reservation or Trip.


Force Majeure Events

Priva may, in the event of a force majeure event, without notice, cancel, terminate, divert, postpone or delay any Trip without liability.


Force majeure events include:

  1. Any condition beyond Priva’s control including, but without limitation, meteorological conditions, acts of God, riots, civil commotion, embargoes, wars, hostilities or disturbances.  Also, because of any delay, demand, circumstances or requirement due, directly or indirectly to such conditions.

  2. Any strike, work stoppage, slowdown, lockout or any other labor-related dispute involving or affecting Priva’s service.

  3. Any government regulation, demand or requirement.

  4. Any shortage of labor, fuel or facilities of Priva or others.

  5. Any fact not reasonably foreseen, anticipated or predicted by Priva.


Responsibility for schedules and operations

Priva will endeavor to carry Passengers and their Baggage with reasonable dispatch, but times provided are not guaranteed and form no part of this contract. 


Arrival at Pick-up Location

Passengers must be present at their requested Pick-up Location at their requested departure time.  We recognize that schedules occasionally run over -- so Priva will wait a maximum of 30 minutes for the Passenger at the Pick-up Location.  If a longer waiting period is required, it is the Passenger’s responsibility to inform their Driver.

Acceptance of passengers

Priva may refuse to transport any Passenger at any point, for one or several reasons, including but not limited to:

  1. Action necessary or advisable due to weather, or other conditions beyond Priva’s control.

  2. Refusal to permit a search of person or property for explosives or deadly, controlled or dangerous weapons, articles or substances.

  3. Refusal to produce positive identification upon request.

  4. If physical or mental condition of the Passenger, in Priva’s sole opinion, is such that the Passenger is likely rendered incapable of comprehending or complying with safety instructions. 

  5. The Passenger’s conduct is disorderly, abusive or violent.

  6. Appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

  7. Attempt to interfere with the Driver of the vehicle.

  8. Refuse to obey instructions from the Driver of the vehicle or any other member of Priva staff present.

  9. Engage in any action, voluntary or involuntary, that might jeopardize the safety of the vehicle. 


Acceptance of minors

Any person under the age of 18 will be accepted for transportation, provided that they are accompanied by a responsible adult or parent.  Unaccompanied minors are not accepted. Priva will not provide or install any infant or child-specific seating. These devices are permitted but must be provided and installed by the Passengers themselves.


Acceptance of Baggage

Passengers are welcome to bring Baggage aboard provided that it complies with the following stipulations.


  1. Size and Weight -- There are no specific size or weight limitations for individual pieces of Baggage.  The only limitation is the space available in the individual vehicle. Passengers traveling on Priva Mobile Office will have access to a separate baggage storage compartment in the rear of the vehicle.

  2. Storage location -- All Baggage must be stored inside the vehicle.  No Baggage will be stored in external compartments or on the roof.

  3. Hazardous materials -- Dangerous items will not be accepted as Baggage, in Baggage, or on-person -- no explosives, firearms, ammunition, flammable liquids or solids, gasoline, pressurized containers or compressed gases.  Please see our full list of hazardous items for additional details. 

  4. Loading/Unloading -- It is the responsibility of the Passenger to load/unload their own baggage from the vehicle.  Priva is not responsible for any damage or injury that occurs from loading/unloading. 


Acceptance of pets

Priva welcomes pets for transportation, without charge, under the following conditions:

  1. Vehicle Class -- Passengers must travel by Priva Mobile Office to bring their pets.  This is the only class of service that accepts pets.

  2. Container -- Pets must be confined to a container (such as a kennel) for the entirety of the trip. The animal container must ride in the baggage area of the vehicle. Pet containers that do not fit in the baggage area of a Priva Mobile Office are not permitted. 

  3. Security Deposit  -- An incremental $200 authorization will be placed upon the Passenger’s credit/debit card as a security deposit. This deposit will be returned provided that no damage occurs to the vehicle as a result of transporting the pet.