Other Priva Policies

Change and Cancellation Policy

At Priva, we want to provide people with sustainable and uplifting transportation. And we get that sometimes plans change.  We’ve drafted this policy to clearly outline your rights and obligations when you need to change or cancel a trip.

  1. Passengers have the right to change or cancel any reservation or trip at any time and for any reason.

  2. Changes or cancellations to reservations received at least 48 hours prior to scheduled departure will not be assessed a fee. However initial Deposit is subject to forfeiture.

  3. Changes and cancellations made prior to the start of a trip must be submitted to Priva via email.[1] 



  1. All cancellations will result in forfeiture of the non-refundable Deposit.

  2. Cancellations received less than 48 hours prior to scheduled departure will be assessed an additional cancellation fee of $100 or 20% of the Fare, whichever is greater.

  3. If a passenger wishes to cancel a trip in progress, the passenger must notify the driver via text message. In the event of a trip canceled in progress, the driver will drop-off the passenger at a location of the passenger’s choosing along the scheduled route.

  4. Cancellations made to trips in progress will be charged the full quoted Fare & applicable fees.

  5. Failure to show up within a 30-minute window of scheduled departure time will result in an automatic cancellation of the Reservation and all associated Trips. In this event, a $250 “No Show Fee” will be assessed in addition to forfeiture of the $100 deposit.



  1. Non-material changes to a Reservation are complimentary.

  2. Material changes to a Reservation will result in the re-calculation of the Trip Fare, and any increases will be billed upon completion of the trip.

  3. Material changes to a reservation received less than 48 hours prior to scheduled departure will result in an additional change fee of $50.

  4. Material changes are defined as any one or combination of the following:

    1. An alteration to departure time in excess of 1 hour;

    2. A change to  pick-up, drop-off and/or stop locations in excess of 25 miles from the original pick-up and/or drop-off location;

Removed mention of submitting changes via Priva Application/Website - now consumers submit changes via email