Every trip is business class

Spacious, private, and fully connected - it's your private conference room to take phone calls, hold virtual meetings, and travel fully connected. No need to hangup to clear security.

Door to door service

Private cabin for you and coworkers

Performance enhancing beverages

Productive, convenient, and comfortable

Door to door service: You set the pick-up and drop off point, and we do the rest.  Skip shuffling in and out of cabs from now on. 

Private cabin: Travel exclusively with your group.

Projection equipment

High speed WiFi

Luggage storage

Performance enhancing beverages: We've got premium non-alcoholic beverages onboard, and are always happy to swing through a  Starbucks.

Technology: On-board high speed WiFi, and projection equipment enable easy team collaboration 

Price: Ride round trip for around the cost of two airline tickets


We provide trips originating from or terminating in cities where we operate.  For now, we operate exclusively from Detroit and Chicago but will be expanding to other cities soon. 


"Priva has been very helpful for my team when traveling to our client office. We are saving hundreds of dollars by having four team members drive instead of getting four separate flights"

Amy /  Management Consultant

“Three colleagues and I traveled with Priva from Detroit to Toronto. Flights would have cost double what Priva did. However, the biggest benefit by far was the 3-4 hours of productive time we gained. We were able to fully prepare for our meeting in Priva's cozy, well-equipped collaboration room on wheels. It had all the essential audio-visual equipment, plus refreshments.”

Dion /  Engineering Manager

"Riding in Priva’s vehicle is like flying business class without the hassle of long lines and security. You literally hop in, plug in and can work until you reach your destination. It is an awesome choice for business travelers who want to avoid the security lines and the hassle of airport travel. Especially when you are going shorter distances like Detroit to Chicago, it's perfect. For me, it's a cost effective ‘luxury’ on wheels where I can continue being productive for my company for the entire trip!”

Diane /  HR Manager

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